Park Club Dinner Specials

Featured Wine:
Cabernet, Three Stones, Napa, `05
$12g / $40b (take home only $35)

Cantina Sociale del Canavese, Rosso, Italy $5g / $20b (take home only $15)

Sauvignon Blanc, Morandé, Reserva,
Casablanca Valley, Chile’08 $4.95g / $ 20b


Chicken Broccoli

Potato Crusted Whitefish
With Valencia orange cream sauce,
and vegetable. $18

Spring Vegetable Terrine
Layers of fresh vegetables served with pesto-Parmesan gnocchi, and fresh vegetable. $14

Pan Seared Chili-Lime Cod Fillet
Flaky east coast day boat cod with jalapeno-tomato-lime pan sauce, rice and vegetable.
and fresh vegetable. $17

Orange Bourbon Tilapia
Sautéed with orange-Bourbon glaze, and
Served with rice and vegetable. $17

Butternut and Sage Ravioli
with Parmesan, caramelized apple,
red pepper, and fresh vegetable. $16

Grilled Thick Cut Boneless Pork Chop Indiana Pork with creamy mushroom ragout, mashed potatoes & fresh vegetable. $17

Pesto Crusted Chicken
Grilled breast of chicken with basil
Pesto-Parmesan crust, served with
pasta and fresh vegetable. $16

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